Kevin Coyne was a multi-talent:
musician, writer, artist.​

His uncompromising attitude towards showbiz fame and fortune has inevitably left him in a position of „outsider“. It’s a position Coyne relishes. It makes life more pleasurable. The freedom to express himself without the chains of commercial considerations (although he wouldn’t be adverse to a Number One album) helps keep his creativity alive.

The Musician

Kevin has been playing and recording for over 30 years. He recorded just under 40 records and a lot of CDs. Over the years he worked with outstanding musicians and guys from local scenes alike.

The Painter

Kevin graduated from Derby Art School (now university) in 1965 and has been painting and drawing for decades. His style is original and intriguing. Find out for yourself.


New Book

Kevin Coyne und Jürgen Huber sind Künstler aus Leidenschaft, beide zeichnen und schreiben und beide scheinen Brüder im Geiste, schaut man sich ihre Bilder – und Texte an. Beide stammen aus der Arbeiterklasse, haben einen ausgeprägten Sinn für Gerechtigkeit und sagen, was sie meinen. Coyne war ein ständiger Beobachter, mit seinen Augen und seinem Verstand […]

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New Exhibition

THE CRAZY WORLD OF KEVIN COYNE ARTIST AND ROCK POET The Kunsthaus is now presenting a solo exhibition of works by Kevin Coyne (1944––2004), who died in Nuremberg in 2004, and thus introducing visitors to the remarkably versatile œuvre of an artist who dedicated his life to music, art and literature. Born in Derby, England […]

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New CD: Life Is Almost Wonderful

Kevin Coyne And Brendan Croker: Life Is Almost Wonderful (CD + Bonus-DVD) Nürnberg, 25.9.2020 Anlässlich der Ausstellung „The crazy world of Kevin Coyne – Künstler und Rockpoet“ im Kunsthaus Nürnberg (26.9. – 22.11. 2020) erscheint die CD mit Bonus-DVD „Life Is Almost Wonderful“ von Kevin Coyne und Brendan Croker. Als Kevin Coyne und Brendan Croker […]

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