Kevin Coyne was a multi-talent:
musician, writer, artist.​

His uncompromising attitude towards showbiz fame and fortune has inevitably left him in a position of „outsider“. It’s a position Coyne relishes. It makes life more pleasurable. The freedom to express himself without the chains of commercial considerations (although he wouldn’t be adverse to a Number One album) helps keep his creativity alive.

The Musician

Kevin has been playing and recording for over 30 years. He recorded just under 40 records and a lot of CDs. Over the years he worked with outstanding musicians and guys from local scenes alike.

The Painter

Kevin graduated from Derby Art School (now university) in 1965 and has been painting and drawing for decades. His style is original and intriguing. Find out for yourself.


New Exhibition in Nuremberg


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Austellung “Berlin Blues”

Der international bekannte Künstler Kevin Coyne (geboren 1944 in Derby, gestorben 2004 in Nürnberg) ist vor allem als Rock-Poet eine anerkannte Größe. Ihm wurde sogar die Nachfolge des früh verstorbenen Doors – Frontmannes Jim Morrison angeboten, die er ablehnte. Auf die Frage, wie er denn eine solches Angebot ausschlagen könne, antwortete er mit den Worten […]

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